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The FLASH Bib Short : A Lesson in Failure

The Bib Short that never was. We're constantly experimenting and trying to incorporate new technology into our products. Most never even make it beyond the brainstorming process. But some do. Some do make it beyond the early design files on our computers and into "Ready-For-Production" prototypes. The FLASH was such a bib short. It was a bib short that was intended to improve visibility of cyclists in low-light conditions by utilising a new reflective fabric. We're here to tell you about our failure to take this bib short project from prototype to production, and why we decided to scrap the whole project after months of pouring time and financial resources into realising it. And it was all due to a washing...

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The Evolution of the Cycling Bib Short

The cycling bib short has seen a staggering rate of evolution, driven largely by widespread popularity of the sport and increasing demand from customers for more. Never in the history of cycling has so much technology and development gone into the bib short in a relatively short period of time.  *a 1985 Ad for cycling shorts. Credits : Performance Bicycle ,  http://bit.ly/1Ljhfk9   To truly appreciate just how far bib shorts have come, we're going to focus on 4 components of the bib short. We're going to tell you where they originally came from and how cyclists of yester-year used to do without them. These 4 components are : The Chamois Lycra The Bibs The Gripper   1) The Chamois...

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